In partnership with the NARBHA Institute, the
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
has developed a One Health Collaborative
in the American Southwest.

The Southwest One Health Collaborative brings together clinical, public health, veterinary, wildlife, and environmental health experts to address the critical health issues of our time.


To address critical One Health issues through the development and application of collaborative scientific research and technologies.


The establishment of One Health concepts at the forefront of collaborative research, cutting-edge technology, and health policy in the Southwest.


Bring to bear the wealth of intellectual, technological and physical resources, and capabilities in the Southwestern US on the health of citizens across the region and beyond. TGen North researchers will work directly with health researchers, physicians and health care workers, public health officials, wildlife managers, ranchers, agriculturalists, and environmental health and quality officials to apply One Health Genomics approaches for basic and translational research.




The Translational Genomics Research Institute is a non-profit medical research institute dedicated to making and translating discoveries into advances in human health. At TGen North, located in Flagstaff, Arizona, we use pathogen genomics to support public health and clinical medicine by solving outbreaks, advancing our understanding of emerging diseases, and developing new disease detection tools.

The NARBHA Institute is a non-profit organization in Flagstaff that strategically supports the development of comprehensive approaches to improving population health.